Saturday, September 26, 2009

Korean Foster Moms

I was following a friend's incredibly inspiring and encouraging adoption story via her blog the other day. Normally I don't take the time to follow any blogs too closely. I am not sure why I don't, because I know I could learn a lot from the thoughts and stories of many. I guess my fear is lack of moderation. But back to the point. :) (You may become quickly annoyed by the ease that I use a smiley face...:) My fingers can't stop smiling.) Tears started forming in these miracle eyes (Eric teaches me more about these miracle machines weekly with his recently new Lenscrafters position) of mine as I saw my friends meet their son for the very first time. I rejoiced for the hearts of my friend. For the life of that little boy. As I studied the pictures through my happy tears, my heart quickly shifted to an ache. I ached for this tiny, beautiful lady in the backdrop of it all. In the caption below the picture, my friend pointed out that this lady who could hardly muster up the heart to be there, was the lady that had been taking care of little Josiah until my friends could come and pick him up. I cannot pretend to know the emotions and heart of this wonderful woman. Since November 5th of 08, when God blessed us (understatement) with our little son, Gabriel Rose, our hearts now know a bit more about what love truly is, and what love was created to be. And I can understand a bit more about why that Korean foster mom's heart hurt so.
This lady inspired me to write a blog for all the blessings and lessons and stories we go through just about hourly. If there wasn't a God (a gracious and loving and understanding God), this lady would be giving away love almost in vain. According to human reason, I mean. She spent months taking care of a little soul, and now this little soul wouldn't be there to hold or kiss. And maybe he wouldn't even remember her. And imagine how hard it may be for her to unfold such love again. But thanks be to God, who sees what is done in secret, in our hearts. He reaches out His hands to heal, to bless her for her love. He can mend her wounds. Josiah's life has been so blessed by her. So I dedicate this blog to Korean Foster moms. Take some time to think and pray about this lady.

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