Friday, January 22, 2010

A few of my favorite things...2

It's Friday. That means many things for these Roses. One of them being that daddy is working both of his jobs. He was recently promoted to full time at his day job, and still serves "for fun", he says, on Friday nights. We certainly are graced by that man's loyalty. Gabe is pushing out his last four teeth these days. I just read online that it could take up to 6 months. If only I had gone to school to be a surgeon, those suckers would have met the inside of Gaber's mouth quite some time ago. Where would we all be without our molars though? Probably wimpier and praising God less for chewy delicious food.

A few of my fav things.....
hearing one talk about someone or something they love
goosebumps (except when cold)
knowing Eric will be home soon
clean stuff
studying the Bible together or alone
most coffee shops (decor, smell, and company)
gardens (pricky-weed free)
hikes (wooded preferably)
mail (all forms)
cooling off from a run
the 1800s
acoustic music
that God allowed me to become a mom
board games (most)
being with our families
times of solitude (in creation)
family ties (the show :)
simple white daisies
being around every and all cultures
listening to chinese friends speak chinese
that God desires me to know more about Him daily
remembering smiles and giggles of China
resting the head on the pillow, recapping the day, talking with the Father, snuggle time
my dad's sense of humor

to eat:
trail mixes
mango anything
homemade parfaits
chocolate covered anything (well...)
(millions more, but this has been lately)

to drink:
piping hot water (that Chinese influence...)
coffee.........probably why I am still up
chai guy soy boys (as Eric calls them) chai tea with soy milk
a good light beer

And this is only the top ten of my top ten of my favs. Nothing but grace.... Happy Friday.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

The other day I was asked what some of my favorite things are. I enjoyed thinking awhile for an accurate answer. But of course I have to share Gabe and Eric's favorite things too. This blog will be for Gabe. :)

Gabe: (things go in and out of "style" for him just like anyone else)
When he was first born,
do lunges around the table with momma to christmas carols
fly the superman on daddy's arms
listen to the vacuum or shower
listen to the crank on his swing
look at any bright lights while changing (or not changing)
eat often
spike his hair
take a bath
his nook
rock out with daddy to elvis christmas

4-8 months:
drool (as he has 16 teeth at 14 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
stroll around the mall and neighborhood
sit up while grocery shopping
eat often (grazer like his momma) berries and cereal and peas
be loud and bathe (both and separately)
smile at random everyones and everythings
have daddy days (be taken to see the puppies)
throw balls at people
play with cords
rock out with daddy to you tube

9-14 months:
stop smiling at everyones and everythings until he knew them
go from scooting to running in just under two months (no fibs)
fake sneeze at everyone
still throw balls at people (just harder)
pretend cook (balloon soup is a fav), exercise,
do anything to get people's attentions (bat eyelids, put buckets on heads, throw himself on the floor on purpose)
say bye bye to people after they have left or just when they have arrived
eat any fruit or peas
play hide and seek in the cupboards
jump on the bed
clap for himself
giggle in the mirror
sweep and vacuum
bang on the radio
take baths
get picture taken
(we may need prayers against vanity....)
listen to the david crowder band on youtube
do something he knows is wrong and then run like a cheetah in the opposite direction
say "hot" "poop" "shoe" "all done" (this is normally with all lung power) "please" "eat" "hello" "daddy" "momma" "buppa" "ball" "amen" "shh" (when I am lie)
talk on the phone
color with markers
unscrew the caps off the spices (and anything else that has a cap)
unload animals from the ark
play with buddies
be around people (the doorbell makes him even more excited the the ending microwave beep does)
destroy block creations (not build them)
play ball with daddy
go to the library for puppet shows
sing head and shoulders and abc's and the people on the bus go shh shh shh

For those still tuned in, I am not afraid to admit that I blab too much about Gabe..but I appreciate the concern. Stay tuned to Gabe's mom and dad's fav things.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

wise guys

We humans aren't the best at selfless, genuine, pure love. Let's face it. Despite being created to omit it,be it, and live it.... we stink at it. But thanks be to the spirit (the Holy one) that gives us the means to be true love now and always. Epiphany today. Seems the Christmas characters are on the top of my bragging list all year round. I mean really, the shepherds for example. Getting a taste of heaven, and then making it to the manger and back (and back in style). Talk about follow through. Seems like God gives me so many tastes of heaven and I don't often make it to the manger. Or I do..and I sometimes don't have the courage or love to shout it to the rooftops, to consistently be it for all to know such Joy. Cause that's what makes His joy..true joy. Part of the joy comes when you want it...desire it...pray for it...for all. Not just your family, or your neighbors, or the people that you love or like, or sort of like. For those that I dodge, or don't get, or never pray for. For all.

But about these wise guys. I mean...who takes off from one's own schedule. One's own (most likely living the rich and the famous) to trudge miles (and miles) to a foreign country (foreign people) to put themselves out there, so to speak, to literally get on their knees for a 1-2 year old little poor Jewish boy who didn't do anything for them, or who would not lead their nation to the top or make their journey home any less tiring. Who would humiliate themselves among peers, among strangers like this....make such a sacrifice. Unless they couldn't wait for eternity to come to offer praise. Unless they had the Spirit of selfless love that revealed to them who we are. A people belonging to God. We belong with Him, in every sense. I want to be a wise guy, Lord (not the sarcastic one).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More blessings...

Gabe and his fav gift, the toothbrush. My fav pic of the decade by far.

Eric's two younger bros possibly reminiscing about Eric's old torture methods...:)

Mom and dad Floyd. Not sure why the mini me size. I think this was after we sang them our song we wrote for them to the tune of "God rest ye merry..."

Justin posing with one of Riley's gifts. Maybe a chance for the big time?

Sam getting serious with Actionary. (the women still hold their 50-0 game winning streak however.)

Visual Christmas Highlights

Buppa Rose teaching Gaber the ropes in the kitchen.

One of these people look not like the other...he-he-he. Kelly surprised the ladies with fancy schmancy necklaces made by cous' Lish. So cool.

Brian, Amanda, and Fiona with Christmas glee.

My main squeeze and I thankful we won't get lost anymore. (thanks mom and dad!!)

Three cuties on Christmas mornin'. Guess who they are?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

chilly willy nights

As I ran across the driveway on the crunchy snow to start up the car, I was thinking only two things: where in the world did I put my other glove again and whoa, it's frozen nose hair cold outside tonight. Chilly nights encourage my thoughts to ponder why we just have to go to the wall and turn up a nob and others had to get up every hour or so to add logs (after days of cutting), why we can sip hot beverages after pushing noisy buttons on a machine and others had to wait hours before they could savor, why our thoughts as a parent aren't wondering if Gabe will be warm enough for the night slumber. Commutes to work don't involve layers of long johns and only two wheels on the icy roads. And alcohol isn't a means to keep warm. Each generation has it's own struggles, challenges, lessons, and achievements...but wowsa..would I have made it past the toddler years if I would have been born a century ago? Doubtful. I plan to pull out the white flag of surrender if there are any friendly competitions in heaven to show perseverance. Sure is encouraging to think about these people of past. Thankful for our chilly willy night here at the Rosey Cheeks to ponder all God grants that I hardly even recognize. (and rosey not because of the cold or the alcohol)

Some Christmas Joy and Answered Prayers to share:
no rushing around
soul and physical safety because of and all around Christmas
sibling sleepovers (and their little ones)
actionary (charades to pictionary cards) with my dad not on my team...he-he
last Rose Farm Christmas
Eric ..:) (nuf said)
Amazing and always welcoming in-laws
that our whole fam takes up two pews in church now
Sam being home for more than a week
visiting with college, high school, china friends we haven't seen in awhile
marvelous food incredible
Gabe loving his cousin time, singing time, Grandparents time (and most other times)
Gabe waking up and wanting to listen to david crowder oh how he loves
Gabe and I being able to play all week without having any set schedule
That Gabe's fav gift was a toothbrush
Gabe, Gabe, Gabe....:) (will save for next blog)
thoughtful gifts from everyone. (too many!)
good reflection time at home all week
all for and because of Jesus