Monday, September 28, 2009

Since Kindergarten

I thought that it was only appropriate to title our blog "since kindergarten" since God has allowed me to know the love of my life....since kindergarten. Not sure how many people can say that. I often think about the days of dodgeball and spelling bees wondering how often our paths crossed, glances given and words exchanged. Yet only One knew that we would be lifetime everythings. If I were Marty Mcfly, I would definately take the Laborian (or whatever their time machine was called) to Waucousta Lutheran Grade School in the early 90's. God couldn't have picked a better match for this heart. As we get to look at and live life together almost hourly, I seem to daily love even more than before how his hair lays, how his hands can palm a tire, how he rhymes for Gabe, nicknames all the neighbors, always takes me at my word, observes things I miss, has my weaknesses covered, and most importantly is faithful to His Savior. Many of my weaknesses are his strengths and my strengths, his not so strengths. His wit makes my tummy giggle. His dependability inspires me. His love makes me love more.

On Jan 5th of 07, he asked me to marry him on a mountain in China. I felt even closer to him when I could call him my husband, and even closer than that when I saw him become a father to this beautiful little boy named Gabriel. When my selfishness or his selfishness gets in the way of the purpose of our Union, God continues to bring us back and shape us to fit together even better than before. Life with Rosey cheeks (since we are the Roses) has offered so much undeserved joy that we couldn't have faked or imagined. And if I have learned anything about God's can only get better.

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