Thursday, October 8, 2009

From an Egg to a Chicken

We can't pretend to do justice to explain the gift in our little boy Gabriel. God shouldn't have allowed us this gift. (If we were keeping tallies that is...thank God his grace doesn't work like human reason sees things.) But He did. And it was all apart of us since we were just a few cells. We met Gabe last November and haven't been the same since. And we never will be. His giggles could just about cure cancer. His growth makes us grow. His cries give us purpose. His fits highlight God's patience with us. His dependence teaches us responsibility. His trust teaches us trust. His love motivates. God's plan is remarkable, and grace sufficient.


  1. HI!!!!
    Welcome to the blogging world - I was SO excited to see you fan it up on my blog! Looking forward to hearing more of your perspectives on faith, parenting, and of course, keepin up with Gabe ;)
    Talk to you soon~

  2. Dearest Abby-
    You are a writer! What a wonderful way that you have with words. Your description of dad in his garden made me want to cry but even more it made me see again the wonderful man that he is- Thank you! I will look forward to your posts and getting a closer glimpse at Rosey Cheeks- love it! :) :) :)