Friday, October 23, 2009

Italian Scallion Wisdom

Blessings of this week in (R)October:
October rain on our roof (so soothing!)
Our roof (would be soggy without it!)
Eric's giggles
Eric recapping his day when he comes home
Gabe trying to tell daddy what happened in his day
Eric loving using his gifts at work (and getting paid doing it! gug)
Gabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (could write a book on that kid.....LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Listening to Christmas music in October (and July and August and september.....:)
Watching Gabe dance
Playing bingo with international friends (for work I add)
Playing tennis in October
My DNA group (ladies who keep me accountable to daily Bible study)
My feeling better brother after 2 weeks of flu :(
Sister visits (wouldn't be the same without them)
Eric being able to go to a Mustachio Bashio for a friend's bday party
Visiting with dear friends Julie and Becky who come to visit mid-week
Hairstylists that don't get annoyed with me for backing out of Gabe's first hair cut (couldn't do it)
Food drives
The immaculate color out there
Salty stuff ( I confess...I like salt)
I could keep going and going....and going.

But even though I could keep going....I completely forget all of God's promises, all of these blessings, all of the peace I know when under pressure and facing problems. As I was teaching our special needs the other night, the Italian Scallion blurted out (on Veggie Tales) that anyone can persevere when things are easy...this really isn't persevering in fact....but to persevere is to remember love and grace through hard times. Smart onion.

Gabe has been so healthy this week and I am on my knees in thanks. THe last month however wasn't like that. He was teething, drooling, not eating or sleeping, had sores inside and out of his mouth. So what did I do? Got mad at the nurses, Eric, and lots of other people. :) Even Gabe. Which I was so desperately afraid of. hmm.. I thank God for times to learn...times to be lifted when I sure don't know how to act. Crazy how I can be put up with. Thankful for another teething opportunity to show what I have how thankful I am.

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  1. Aahhh grace. Thinking of teething nights as teachable moments is grace.
    Our best attempts are just filthy rags. Good thing God looks at us through Jesus-tinted glasses.