Saturday, April 17, 2010

The latest.

It has been a little while. I have to think here a moment in order to recap the last few weeks for you all. I try to do this at least once a month for several reasons (recap the latest that is) ;to see what we have learned, been blessed with, been doing with our time, and to prove my memory is still there...somewhat. :)

Eric has been working less, which explains my writing less. But it sure is great to have him with us. Money schmoney is what I say. :) We can't outgive God. A truth that would prevent many fights, ulcers, broken relationships, and so much more if believed by all; even half believed. It has proven true that 3 stooges are better than just two. Swings and slides seem to give more giggles with 3. The ducks are more entertaining...catch and tennis are much more exciting and books and devotion time seem more fulfilling. :)

Speaking of books, Gabe can't get enough of them lately. He used to only be able to sit for a page or two, but now we can make it through a whole book; sometimes asking for a double header. :) Cooking still never gets old for Gabe. Bead and block soup continue to be his top seller. Words keep multiplying as the days pass for our lil man. Someone expressed that his early vocab could be why sleeping is a struggle for him. I am starting to believe this as he is up late talking and wakes up talking. (mostly rattling of all of your names....let him know if you have any specific prayer requests as he prays for you all often...:)

We are finding that the "Jesus Way" is the only way. (this could be true for just about anything) But what I am referring to is teaching Gabe how to use his loving heart. I can't expect him to be patient if he is seeing me impatient with him or daddy. If he sees me sharing with daddy or others, I find he shares more. If I wonder why his tone of voice sounds a bit bossy...well.....wonder where he got that?:)

The Jesus way. Be it, live it,empower it... in order to teach it. (to our children...coworkers...spouses...neighbors.) It's all about the follow through. :):) His follow through...we just have to ask and believe it.

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