Friday, March 12, 2010


Eric,Gabe, and I decided to join the YMCA last month. We hoped this would help us to train for a 10K that our fam is running in this summer (me possibly fast walking..hee-hee) and to help keep us wanting to take care of our bodies as a way to thank the Creator for them. :)(and to support our sister Kelly who works for the Y. :)) The first time we tried it out we were fumbling around the machinery and wondering why no one was wearing their old high school t shirts and sweatpants like we were. :) Eric often goes to one close to his work, and Gabe and I often go to one close to our house on North Ave in Milwaukee. I am finding that it is worth the membership fees just to learn more about the African American culture. :) Gabe and I are probably the whitest blondies in the joint, but I never would feel like we stood out. I find that it is as if we have all known each other for quite some time. The first time we were there one lady at the front desk hugged and high fived Gabe for at least 20 mintues. He wonders why she is not working every time we are there. The countless after school programs and special community service opportunities set up for the inner city students of the Y are exciting. I wanted to try out a zoomba (sp?) class the other day, but once I peered through the window and saw the moves these ladies had, my pride suddenly came up with a sore ankle excuse. :) Can't compete with the black ladies and their rhythm. I find that sometimes I struggle with how to say things in the right manner, fashion, and with the passion I want behind it. And our cultures my disagree with the way to say things (black and white), but it sure would be nice to be able to say loving things sometimes with a little attitude, and no one would be offended by it. :) Gabe's new fav place is the basketball gym. I hold him in my arms and dribble and then shoot and he giggles like he does when we tickle his feet. :) He seems to get this cartoon road runner run going too in order to chase down the balls, which then sends me into the same road runner laugh :) What a neat way to meet people around us and use a bit of our time. :) If you are feeling the need to bust out in the YMCA dance, I am joining you. :)

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  1. I've done Zumba before and know exactly what you mean! I don't have those kind of moves. After one class I was too scared to return! Maybe I need to do some practice on my own time. I must say I do love the Y!