Friday, November 20, 2009

Loves like a hurricane....

This song has been on my top two list for a few months now. (that and wild thing) really, I can't seem to get tired of it.(not wild thing, but the other one) You should check it out:
The song talks about the greatness of Perfect love. It really is unbelievable. Really. Coming from a human perspective that is. My love gets annoyed when someone isn't listening to me while I am talking to them, gets frustrated at Gabe when he spills the contact solution that I gave to him to play with, only thinks about the lonely widowed neighbor when I see her, wonders why some people just don't get it.

Loves like a hurricane. intense. powerful. makes a lasting impact. touches everyone in it's path. I want to love like that. I want to be thankful like that. This week we'll be especially thankful together feasting on traditional foods (can't wait), making small talk with family members close or extended. Feeling thankful, maybe not feeling really thankful at all. Pretending to be, or not afraid to admit that we are not at all. I am amazed that God doesn't look at our sometimes half sincere thanks and sometimes not sincere and wonders what in the hay. Is broken . Or just wants to give up on us completely. Heaven knows why He doesn't. Cause I would have loved like a mild mist and then gone home. :)

Problems come a lot when I fake thankful. Problems come when I don't ask that to be taken away and am sorry for it. Problems come when I judge people for not being thankful and pretend I am never in the same boat. Problems come when I don't take the time to talk to them about what hurts or even just pray with them. Days when I don't feel the gratitude I wish I did, I am learning to go on my knees rather than blame the hungry children in Africa that are making me eat my lima beans or the loud neighbor that kept me up that "made" me crabby.... hold on for the next day (moment even!) and ask for a renewed heart, and every time He comes through. Every time . There is always something wanting to get in the way of our thankful, our peace, if we let it. Good thing nothing gets in the way of How he loves. Loves like a hurricane...

November things that prevented stealing my thankful (on top of thousands of others):
the 65 degree day on Gabe's first bday party
touch football with the fam
my latest hummus batch
november runs around the neighborhood
garbage men (we would be so stinky without them)
Eric leading me in prayer before we sleep
sleep (Gabe woke up only one time two days ago!!!!)
organic frozen blueberries only 1.49. (Gabe will eat anything with a blueberry on it)
fair trade stores
Bible study with grandparents
Friends who stop by to chat
Eric rearranging the kitchen adding a dishwasher
advent preparation
toe nail clippers (no explanation needed)
Gabe facing forward in the car
advice on how to handle temper tantrums in public
nieces and nephews
realizing when I am feeling sorry for myself (takes awhile)
parents who would give you their elbows and more
smells of thanksgiving
a truly thankful heart (whup whup)
sharing the joy and peace God gives to friends
kings on the corner with Eric
Gabe thinking everything is a baseball
craft places that help you make pottery

All for now. I wanted to get this down before I got too busy to be thankful on "paper". A whole other thing that gets in the way of my thanksgiving....but I won't go on.

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