Thursday, December 3, 2009

In case you aren't on my email list...he-he

It took Gabe and I an hour an a half to make guacamole yesterday. Not
to mention the 45 minute trip (due to traffic) to the store to pick up
our handy dandy Trader Joe kit that has all the ready to purchase veggies all together. Gabe
somehow was not as excited about the guacamole as I was and was less
than thrilled to be buckled to the cart despite my vroom noises and
aisle dancing. And back to the preparing...this is also not mentioning
the packaging time, the shipping, the harvesting, watering, tilling,
and planting time that went all into this guacamole.

And I haven't even talk about the chopping time with my really dull knife,
Gabe wanting to help and me thinking it was a good idea for him to sit
on the counter and watch me. he-he-he. I was pretty excited for Eric to
run to the fridge and kiss my toes for all of my loving. Turns out he
had eaten pizza at work and wasn't hungry for the guacamole at all.

What is your point Abby? I often ask this to myself. This sure is a
special time of the year. I am convinced that God has put a little
bubble around Christmas to keep it filled with the joys He intended for it despite the material
butchering that has been done to it. Neat to think that this joy is meant for all year long.

The joy comes when it isn't about me and how I can feel by giving and decorating and cozzying and
caroling...cause even though my motivation starts for others, it sure is revealed to me to be tainted. (when I huff and make Eric feel bad he
ate already...cause if it was about him then I would have been happy he wasn't feeling hungry......:)

There is good in preparation I am finding. :) selfless preparation. We have been trying to do more
worship this year. Not a guilt trip for spending or baking or
decorating or eggnogging...but that all those things can filled with
even more joy when the focus is out of thanks and praise to the manger
king. Cause my heart desires so much to honor the Bday boy, but it
seems like just about everything seems to get in the way of this.
Myself being the biggest hurdle. But I have hope knowing that most of
those obstacles can be part of the preparation and celebration when
done for our Immanuel; He sure is with us.

This video was put
together by several churches awhile back. Parts really struck
me...again not a guilt trip but an encouragement to worship:

if there are some favorite versions of Christmas songs of yours you
would like to share to help focus and worship...please do...cause I of
course have some for you to check out:

And let me know what you have going on that others might enjoy and be encouraged by to prepare or relationalize their Christmas:
*Dec. 6th Christmas Concert at The Point of Grace 2223 E. Kenwood
Milwaukee, WI 53211

*Caroling Dec. 7th and 14th with me, Gabe and some students to group homes in Milwaukee. Come join us :)
*Baking with your neighbor day. :) You choose the day.
*Come and play with Eric, Gabe, and I. You choose the day. We will be here.
Have a memorable month.
Love you,

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  1. howdy, Abby!
    just wondering if you can make it to Josiah's party tomorrow- give me a call :)
    Great entry by the way- I totally can relate to the babe not being totally thrilled with being strapped into a grocery cart. Hah! aisle dancing- now that's a true mommy thing.