Saturday, January 2, 2010

chilly willy nights

As I ran across the driveway on the crunchy snow to start up the car, I was thinking only two things: where in the world did I put my other glove again and whoa, it's frozen nose hair cold outside tonight. Chilly nights encourage my thoughts to ponder why we just have to go to the wall and turn up a nob and others had to get up every hour or so to add logs (after days of cutting), why we can sip hot beverages after pushing noisy buttons on a machine and others had to wait hours before they could savor, why our thoughts as a parent aren't wondering if Gabe will be warm enough for the night slumber. Commutes to work don't involve layers of long johns and only two wheels on the icy roads. And alcohol isn't a means to keep warm. Each generation has it's own struggles, challenges, lessons, and achievements...but wowsa..would I have made it past the toddler years if I would have been born a century ago? Doubtful. I plan to pull out the white flag of surrender if there are any friendly competitions in heaven to show perseverance. Sure is encouraging to think about these people of past. Thankful for our chilly willy night here at the Rosey Cheeks to ponder all God grants that I hardly even recognize. (and rosey not because of the cold or the alcohol)

Some Christmas Joy and Answered Prayers to share:
no rushing around
soul and physical safety because of and all around Christmas
sibling sleepovers (and their little ones)
actionary (charades to pictionary cards) with my dad not on my team...he-he
last Rose Farm Christmas
Eric ..:) (nuf said)
Amazing and always welcoming in-laws
that our whole fam takes up two pews in church now
Sam being home for more than a week
visiting with college, high school, china friends we haven't seen in awhile
marvelous food incredible
Gabe loving his cousin time, singing time, Grandparents time (and most other times)
Gabe waking up and wanting to listen to david crowder oh how he loves
Gabe and I being able to play all week without having any set schedule
That Gabe's fav gift was a toothbrush
Gabe, Gabe, Gabe....:) (will save for next blog)
thoughtful gifts from everyone. (too many!)
good reflection time at home all week
all for and because of Jesus

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  1. Glad you guys had a great Christmas! We were so happy to be able to see you, if ever so briefly :)