Friday, February 5, 2010

Where would we be without the camera?

Cousin Fiona visits us during the week now. Yay! (jealous at first,but now buds for life)

Just in case she wanted that cheerio on the ground.

Was mad momma was paying attention to Fiona, but then I learned how to feed myself! Why doesn't everyone have this much fun at lunch?

Making sure momma's head is as big as it looks. Not sure if this is her hot or her hat. Momma keeps calling hot things hats and hats hot. Sound the same to me. :)

The squeakiest cutest smiliest Roses ever.

No one gives rides like daddy (I have tried)

Gabe absolutely adores frying eggs and hashbrowns in the morning.

Ahh...relief. :)

The cutest shoveler around.

Yes, I know I am a ham.

Another thing that keeps me remembering our grace in our moments is our camera. :)

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