Friday, February 5, 2010

A few of my favorite things...3

It feels like awhile since I have been face to face with Mr. Blogman here. Not sure where the time has gone really. I meet with a friend once a week as accountability partners in Bible study and in living His love and walking the walk. She asks me the hard questions and I pray to honestly answer them weekly to her and God. (would totally suggest this to anyone I knew) But anyways, it amazes me that each and every time we sit down, I have to fish deep within my memory bank (or not so deep depending on how you look at it) to see what my days are filled with. I know it's lots of love and giggles, lessons and play time with some trials and not so giggles , but those details......

So I decided to start journaling awhile ago (mini journaling I would call it) by writing the highlights of the days on our calendars. Looks like these last two weeks we are learning that sleep is not always a given, the last molars to come in are the largest, daddy is enjoying training for our family 10k run in June, mommy will never set the vitamix on fire again after finding out what it costs to repay it, Gabe gets a bit clingy when mommy is holding cousin Fiona, I take our speech for granted just about every moment...since I am seeing how tough it is for Gabe to put all of those vowels and consonants in order, daddy's work has been quite busy, friends are so fun to have over, neighbors are valuable to love and get to know, mild winters are fun to shovel in with a one year old, and wedding anniversaries are the best things to celebrate.

Here are some of Eric's favorite things: (according to his wife)
being with his family (sounds a bit vain coming from me...hee-hee)
Just about anything involving baseball:
previews, playing it, listening to it, watching it, talking about it, studying it, researching it, practicing it, saying it...
being amongst loved ones
appreciating a good sense of humor
giggling with Gabe,
appreciating good service
golf (as of last summer)
racquetball (as of yesterday)
going to church
a good shower
the art of music
acting and directing
reading a good book (and thee good book)
being with lil people
being on time (early even)
watching a good documentary on anything from potatoes to Coke
warm even hot weather
earth tones
a good hair cut
going out to eat
the office
checking off lists
active work days

to eat/drink:
miso salmon
not too much caffeine
avocado chicken
a good glass of pinot noir
healthy food
cookies being the exception
I could keep going

What can I say. I'm blessed.

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