Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Walks

Yesterday Gabe and I were able to take a Wisconsin winter walk :) During our bihourly ironchef time in the kitchen, I could hear melting snow coming off of the roof. We peered out our could-be-cleaner windows and saw that the temperature read 40 plus degrees. What the hay are we ironchefing when we could be snowballfighting we thought? (Gabe, I am sure, had the same thoughts as I did.) So we bundled up in our puffy gear, pumped up the stroller tires, and hustled down the stairs in our boots. (BOOTS!!! Gabe calls them. He also thinks that stollers are called pumps due to our pumping of the tires. I didn't have the heart to break it to him yet. Pump is so much easier to say than stroller. :) Winter sure has it's purpose and beautiful value. But oh how neat is it to get reacquainted with the neighbor kids' giggles, bikers buzzing by you, the freshness of the air, and the smells of life (even hibernated life). Not to mention the serenades of the birds helping you to keep in step. Gabe didn't say a whole lot while we ventured, just a few grunts of approval when I asked if he could see the trees or the snow, or the puddles and the doggies. So much of our days need to be filled with moments reserved to be awestruck and silent, where words can sometimes get in the way. (learning from my 1 year old)

We got back from the pump walk and decided to make snowballs. This is about the only thing that has the ability to take Gabe's mind off of the kitchen PANS these days. (captions so that you can hear the volume from Gabe's lil lungs). (Daddy took Gabe out sledding last weekend and we couldn't get him and his red face to come in. :)) We threw some snowballs at the snowbank and made mini me snowmen that Gabe enjoyed punting. I was able to really just be thankful in the moment and sit and smell snow. :-) (No roses except us around) I had been praying about that lately. And I am not sure why I am surprised that God came through with a yes on that one right away..since that is what he longs for us. Joy in our days. ( Can't wait to get out there again hopefully when daddy has off.....)

To winter walks....

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  1. :D Love this one. I love how we share such admiration for nature. I'll never forget when I first opened up Old Hu's prayer journal and saw how you had been praying for the blue skies, the warm sunlight that came through his window, the mountains from view, the sunset etc. We often prayed and thanked God for the same things. That childlike appreciation I hope to never lose. Thanks for the reminder. :)