Friday, January 22, 2010

A few of my favorite things...2

It's Friday. That means many things for these Roses. One of them being that daddy is working both of his jobs. He was recently promoted to full time at his day job, and still serves "for fun", he says, on Friday nights. We certainly are graced by that man's loyalty. Gabe is pushing out his last four teeth these days. I just read online that it could take up to 6 months. If only I had gone to school to be a surgeon, those suckers would have met the inside of Gaber's mouth quite some time ago. Where would we all be without our molars though? Probably wimpier and praising God less for chewy delicious food.

A few of my fav things.....
hearing one talk about someone or something they love
goosebumps (except when cold)
knowing Eric will be home soon
clean stuff
studying the Bible together or alone
most coffee shops (decor, smell, and company)
gardens (pricky-weed free)
hikes (wooded preferably)
mail (all forms)
cooling off from a run
the 1800s
acoustic music
that God allowed me to become a mom
board games (most)
being with our families
times of solitude (in creation)
family ties (the show :)
simple white daisies
being around every and all cultures
listening to chinese friends speak chinese
that God desires me to know more about Him daily
remembering smiles and giggles of China
resting the head on the pillow, recapping the day, talking with the Father, snuggle time
my dad's sense of humor

to eat:
trail mixes
mango anything
homemade parfaits
chocolate covered anything (well...)
(millions more, but this has been lately)

to drink:
piping hot water (that Chinese influence...)
coffee.........probably why I am still up
chai guy soy boys (as Eric calls them) chai tea with soy milk
a good light beer

And this is only the top ten of my top ten of my favs. Nothing but grace.... Happy Friday.

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  1. aww- these are wonderful! I love that I can see your personality in how you write and live. So awesome!