Friday, January 15, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

The other day I was asked what some of my favorite things are. I enjoyed thinking awhile for an accurate answer. But of course I have to share Gabe and Eric's favorite things too. This blog will be for Gabe. :)

Gabe: (things go in and out of "style" for him just like anyone else)
When he was first born,
do lunges around the table with momma to christmas carols
fly the superman on daddy's arms
listen to the vacuum or shower
listen to the crank on his swing
look at any bright lights while changing (or not changing)
eat often
spike his hair
take a bath
his nook
rock out with daddy to elvis christmas

4-8 months:
drool (as he has 16 teeth at 14 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
stroll around the mall and neighborhood
sit up while grocery shopping
eat often (grazer like his momma) berries and cereal and peas
be loud and bathe (both and separately)
smile at random everyones and everythings
have daddy days (be taken to see the puppies)
throw balls at people
play with cords
rock out with daddy to you tube

9-14 months:
stop smiling at everyones and everythings until he knew them
go from scooting to running in just under two months (no fibs)
fake sneeze at everyone
still throw balls at people (just harder)
pretend cook (balloon soup is a fav), exercise,
do anything to get people's attentions (bat eyelids, put buckets on heads, throw himself on the floor on purpose)
say bye bye to people after they have left or just when they have arrived
eat any fruit or peas
play hide and seek in the cupboards
jump on the bed
clap for himself
giggle in the mirror
sweep and vacuum
bang on the radio
take baths
get picture taken
(we may need prayers against vanity....)
listen to the david crowder band on youtube
do something he knows is wrong and then run like a cheetah in the opposite direction
say "hot" "poop" "shoe" "all done" (this is normally with all lung power) "please" "eat" "hello" "daddy" "momma" "buppa" "ball" "amen" "shh" (when I am lie)
talk on the phone
color with markers
unscrew the caps off the spices (and anything else that has a cap)
unload animals from the ark
play with buddies
be around people (the doorbell makes him even more excited the the ending microwave beep does)
destroy block creations (not build them)
play ball with daddy
go to the library for puppet shows
sing head and shoulders and abc's and the people on the bus go shh shh shh

For those still tuned in, I am not afraid to admit that I blab too much about Gabe..but I appreciate the concern. Stay tuned to Gabe's mom and dad's fav things.

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  1. I love it! I should write down Ruthie's before I forget all the awesome stuff she is doing right now :)