Thursday, January 7, 2010

wise guys

We humans aren't the best at selfless, genuine, pure love. Let's face it. Despite being created to omit it,be it, and live it.... we stink at it. But thanks be to the spirit (the Holy one) that gives us the means to be true love now and always. Epiphany today. Seems the Christmas characters are on the top of my bragging list all year round. I mean really, the shepherds for example. Getting a taste of heaven, and then making it to the manger and back (and back in style). Talk about follow through. Seems like God gives me so many tastes of heaven and I don't often make it to the manger. Or I do..and I sometimes don't have the courage or love to shout it to the rooftops, to consistently be it for all to know such Joy. Cause that's what makes His joy..true joy. Part of the joy comes when you want it...desire it...pray for it...for all. Not just your family, or your neighbors, or the people that you love or like, or sort of like. For those that I dodge, or don't get, or never pray for. For all.

But about these wise guys. I mean...who takes off from one's own schedule. One's own (most likely living the rich and the famous) to trudge miles (and miles) to a foreign country (foreign people) to put themselves out there, so to speak, to literally get on their knees for a 1-2 year old little poor Jewish boy who didn't do anything for them, or who would not lead their nation to the top or make their journey home any less tiring. Who would humiliate themselves among peers, among strangers like this....make such a sacrifice. Unless they couldn't wait for eternity to come to offer praise. Unless they had the Spirit of selfless love that revealed to them who we are. A people belonging to God. We belong with Him, in every sense. I want to be a wise guy, Lord (not the sarcastic one).

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